I have moderate - severe anxiety/panic attacks, and was recently prescribed Xanax at 0.25 mg as needed, not daily. The symptoms of withdrawal from this medicine scare me, especially since I read that they can cause seizures, which I am terrified of, although I'm not epileptic, but I do have hypochondria. Anyway though, I didn't take it today, I've been mostly fine, but I'm just worried I've maybe taken it a hit too much this week. Mind you, I mean I've taken it on 4 separate days. I'm kind of just trying to take a tiny break from as I'm afraid I may be developing a dependency. I'm not entirely sure.

But, just to get to the point, am I at too low a dosage to have really bad withdrawals, and should I be fine? The only thing I'm experiencing so far is just a bit of increased anxiety.