I have recently been prescribed Klonopin (generic) 0.5 mgs, with the instruction of taking one-half (1/2) twice daily, for a total daily amount of 0.5 mgs. I want to stop for a day or so to clean my system.
* (I understand that I should discuss all dosing decisions with my P/C Dr)
I am severely nervous about becoming dependent, but more importantly I am deathly afraid of withdrawal seizures as I have been reading about them online.
My P/C Dr. had tried me on Zoloft then Prozac and I have been sent to the ER for "adverse drug reactions" (tremors, palpitations, chest pains, over all feeling like crap).

So there's the back story lol.

My only question is, IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE WITHDRAWAL SEIZURES FROM 4 DAYS OF .5 OF KLONOPIN (total amount used in 4 days is 2 mg)?