I was talking 30 mg of Valium a day for 1 and 1/2 years they just was not working up and down all night I too all 3 at once to try to get sleep no way up and down I tried everything and I'm a single full-time dad of a baby girl she 6 I got to get her up for school not a problem doctor finally switch me to Klonopins 2mg in morning 2mg at night first 3 days sleep good now I'm up and down again I don't know what to do I hat the world but yet I look out my window of my house wondering why I can't be normal I take a loot of sic meds nothing works but my baby girl is the only reason I get up thank God she goes to school and her mom has her 2 times a month and her aunt helps me out or I don't know what I do... If I don't get my SSI I'm going to loose it all 5 years I've been waiting for my SSI ... I got no friends won't leave the house unless I have to and I get sick to my stomach if I do .. got to keep hat down get there fast scoop out every thing and if it becomes to much or to loud to many people I sneak off fast I'm not normal god I need help thank you for your time letting me ramble on..