I have a concern about telling my doctor that I know that this medication works for me. I was diagnosed with gad and social anxiety about 7 years ago and I went through a lot of stuff to get to where i am now I was prescribed an anti depressant on top of a month of clonazepam/ Klonopin and my panic attacks and anxiety went away. So my new doctor was recently told by me that I had anxiety and i told him it was social anxiety so he started me on a prescription of 20mg Cipralex, I then found it made my "social anxiety worse" and it made me sleep in a lot because I couldn't fall asleep at night from it. I've tried clonazepam since to see if it would work (Of Course with someones advisory) recently and it worked like no other thing in my life.I've tried other benzodiazepines and this is the only one that works for me. So my question is how do i tell my doctor this?