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User Reviews for Lithium

Also known as: Eskalith, Eskalith-CR, Lithium Carbonate ER, Lithobid, Lithonate, Lithotabs

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Reviews for Lithium to treat Depression

"This medication, in combination with a med for sleep, alleviated me of suicidal ideation in matter of one week inpatient. On the downside, I do feel quite flat, and the effects on my health are not able to be known this early on. The poor health feelings are usually due to the drug not being eliminated fast enough by your liver. I received minimal therapy and didn't experience life improvement, yet all bouts of suicidal depression are gone. Depression for me is now less severe, and more transient."


Steve Stevenson November 14, 2015

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"Even though it's not used for the treatment of OCD, it took mine away completely as well as significantly cleared up my depression. About a year after being on it I became extremely thirsty, drinking two liters a day and urinating frequently. I have had to since come off it and symtoms have returned."


Kristys1989 January 10, 2015

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"Lithium is my Wonder Drug. I'm 51, was depressed on & off for years, had major depression for 7+ years, & have been suicidal since age 7. The last 2 years were exhausting trying to stay ahead of the suicidal pull in spite of entering therapy & getting medicated. I finally asked my psychiatrist for ANY aggressive treatment -- regardless of the severity of the side effects -- because I was going to lose the battle. He asked me to try Lithium, first. Within a month, I had ZERO desire to kill myself. Side effects: Major leg tremors (I take Effexor). I feel a little flat, but NO complaints; I can't REMEMBER the last time I wasn't suicidal, DAILY. I'm STUNNED at how this "alternative" feels & am glad I held on long enough to experience it."


Proponent of Lithium For Suicidal Ideation October 21, 2013

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"Have suffered with clinical depression for fifteen years and have been on numerous antidepressants. Have now been taking lithium for 9 months and have had a lot of problems including hands shaking, legs feeling as though they are going to give way a lot of the time, whole body feeling heavy, nausea, parts of my body suddenly jerking, sweating, but worst of all I feel as though I have had a personality transplant and do not recognize the agitated person I have become, the nightmares, my partner is very concerned. I am reducing the dose to come off it. I have just noticed on this site that it has a high interaction risk if taken with venlafaxine which I have been prescribed with it at the same time."


sues1066 October 8, 2013

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"Started Lithium in 1986. This has been my bedrock since then. In 2011 my doctor added Wellbutrin because I was sub-clinically depressed and felt stuck."


lsrigg (taken for 10 years or more) August 20, 2013

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"I was on many anti-depressants and none of them helped with my suicidal thoughts except lithium. Some medications I was on made me better, but very flat and emotionless. For me, lithium only takes the sharp edges off the bad emotions and leaves room for good (but not manic) ones. I had slight hand tremors for about a year after starting this, which was annoying but not incapacitating. They are gone now. I also gained about 10 pounds during the first few months, but lost it easily and I am now lighter than when I started. People used to tell me: Oh you'll gain so much weight, but it is mostly water weight because you get very thirsty. Overall, my quality of life is much, much better. Also you can safely stay on lithium for years."


123Katherine123 (taken for 2 to 5 years) August 6, 2013

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