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Does ezetimibe lower triglycerides?

Medically reviewed by Melisa Puckey, BPharm. Last updated on Nov 7, 2022.

Official answer


Yes, ezetimibe does lower triglyceride levels.

In an analysis of eight clinical trials comparing ezetimibe 10mg daily to a placebo, the patients on ezetimibe had a reduction in triglycerides of 8%. This was a randomized placebo controlled study with 2700 patients and lasted 12 weeks.

The results also showed:

  • 18.5% reduction in LDL-C
  • 3% increase in HDL-C (good cholesterol)
  • 13% reduction in total cholesterol

For a more effective reduction in triglycerides levels, ezetimibe can be taken with simvastatin. The VYTAL trial showed that when ezetimibe 10mg is taken with simvastatin 20mg, there was greater reduction in triglycerides compared to a 10mg dose of atorvastatin.

Bottom line:

  • Ezetimibe 10mg day reduced triglyceride levels by 8%

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