So, I was addicted to 30's for almost 2 years. I finally wanted to stop, had enough of the life. I started taking suboxone for about three months, on and off (meaning maybe I would do a 2mg sub once a day then the next day I wouldn't do one, then I would do a sub 2-3 days in a row then I wouldnt do it for a day or two etc.)The only reason why I was taking them was because when I had temptations I would take a sub because I really just wanted to stop that life. (Horrible life at that.) Anyways, I am now having w/d from the subs... It's not bad just slight chills, anxiety, skin is sensitive) but I am prescribed Tramadol and I took 100mgs and It seems to help (slightly.) Anyways, does anyone know anything that could help sobo w/d's besides tramadol? Don't feel like relying on those... just want to just be done and stay sober.