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NK1 receptor antagonists

What are NK1 receptor antagonists

Neurokinin-1 (NK1) receptor antagonists are used for prevention of acute and delayed nausea and vomiting. The NK1 receptor antagonist competitively binds to the NK1 receptor, which blocks the binding of substance P and prevents the emetic signal being transmitted. NK1 receptor antagonists can be used in conjunction with 5-HT3-receptor antagonists and corticosteroids to augment their antiemetic activity.

List of NK1 receptor antagonists:

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Varubi (Pro, More...)
generic name: rolapitant
1 review
Emend (Pro, More...)
generic name: aprepitant
11 reviews
Emend 2-Day (More...)
generic name: aprepitant
0 reviews
Emend 3-Day (More...)
generic name: aprepitant
0 reviews
Emend for Injection (Pro, More...)
generic name: fosaprepitant
0 reviews

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