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Diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals

What are Diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals?

When radiopharmaceuticals are used to help diagnose medical problems, only small amounts are given to the patient. The radiopharmaceutical then passes through, or is taken up by, an organ of the body (which organ depends on what radiopharmaceutical is used and how it has been given). Then the radioactivity is detected, and pictures are produced, by special imaging equipment. These pictures allow the nuclear medicine doctor to study how the organ is working and to detect cancer or tumors that may be present in the organ.

List of Diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals:

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Drug Name Reviews Avg. Ratings
AdreView (Pro)
Generic name: iobenguane I 123
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Amyvid (Pro)
Generic name: florbetapir F 18
0 reviewsAdd rating
Axumin (Pro)
Generic name: fluciclovine F 18
0 reviewsAdd rating
Cardiogen-82 (Pro)
Generic name: rubidium chloride rb-82
0 reviewsAdd rating
Chromitrope Sodium
Generic name: sodium chromate cr-51
0 reviewsAdd rating
DaTscan (Pro)
Generic name: ioflupane I 123
0 reviewsAdd rating
Lumason (Pro)
Generic name: sulfur hexafluoride
0 reviewsAdd rating
Meta Trace FDG
Generic name: fludeoxyglucose f18
0 reviewsAdd rating
Neuraceq (Pro)
Generic name: florbetaben f-18
0 reviewsAdd rating
Octreoscan (Pro)
Generic name: indium pentetreotide in-111
0 reviewsAdd rating
Radiogenix System
Generic name: sodium pertechnetate (tc-99m)
0 reviewsAdd rating
Generic name: rubidium chloride rb-82
0 reviewsAdd rating
Vizamyl (Pro)
Generic name: flutemetamol f-18
0 reviewsAdd rating
Generic name: iodinated i 131 albumin
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