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Cholinesterase inhibitors

What are Cholinesterase inhibitors

Cholinergic transmission involves the neurotransmitter acetylcholine being released from nerve fibers, binding to designated receptors on other cholinergic nerve fibers and passing on the message to bring about a response. Cholinesterase enzymes are present in the synaptic cleft of cholinergic synapses, and they hydrolyze acetylcholine, decreasing its concentration in the synapses. Cholinesterase inhibitors bind to cholinesterase resulting in increased acetylcholine in the synapses, causing increased parasympathetic activity i.e. vasodilatation, constriction of pupils in the eyes, increased secretion of sweat, saliva and tears, slow heart rate, mucus secretion in the respiratory tract and constriction of bronchioles and so on. The cholinesterase inhibitors listed here are mainly ones that affect the central nervous system. They penetrate the blood brain barrier and enhance cholinergic transmission in the brain. These agents are used to treat dementia in patients with Alzheimer's disease.

List of Cholinesterase inhibitors:

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Cognex (Pro, More...)
generic name: tacrine
0 reviews
Razadyne ER (More...)
generic name: galantamine
2 reviews
Aricept ODT (Pro, More...)
generic name: donepezil
2 reviews
Exelon (Pro, More...)
generic name: rivastigmine
13 reviews
Aricept (Pro, More...)
generic name: donepezil
20 reviews
Razadyne (Pro, More...)
generic name: galantamine
0 reviews
Namzaric (Pro, More...)
generic name: donepezil/memantine
0 reviews

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