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YF-Vax Dosage

Generic name: YELLOW FEVER VIRUS LIVE ANTIGEN, A 4.74[PFU] in 0.5mL;
Dosage form: injection

Medically reviewed on April 23, 2018.

Primary Vaccination: For all eligible persons, a single subcutaneous injection of 0.5 mL of reconstituted vaccine (formulated to contain not less than 4.74 log10 PFU throughout the life of the product) should be administered. Immunity develops by the 10th day after primary vaccination. (11) (25) (46)

Booster Doses: Re-immunization with 17D vaccine is recommended every 10 years for those at continuing risk of exposure and is required by International Health Regulations. (23) Revaccination boosts antibody titer, although evidence from several studies suggests that yellow fever vaccine immunity persists for at least 30 to 35 years and probably for life, (47) and epidemiologic data suggest that a single infection with wild-type yellow fever virus provides lifelong immunity against illness due to subsequent exposure.

Concomitant Administration with other Vaccines

Determination of whether to administer yellow fever vaccine and other immunobiologics simultaneously should be made on the basis of convenience to the traveler in completing the desired vaccinations before travel and on information regarding possible interference. Limited data are available related to administration of YF-VAX vaccine with other vaccines. (See PRECAUTIONS section, Drug Interactions subsection.) In those specific instances where vaccines may be given concurrently, injections should be administered at separate sites. Where there are no data to support administration of YF-VAX vaccine concurrently with other vaccines, 4 weeks should elapse between sequential vaccinations. (2)

Vaccine Preparation

  • Reconstitute the vaccine using only the diluent supplied (0.6 mL vial of Sodium Chloride Injection USP for single dose vial of vaccine and 3 mL vial of Sodium Chloride Injection USP for 5 dose vial of vaccine). Draw the volume of the diluent, shown on the diluent label, into a suitable size syringe and slowly inject into the vial containing the vaccine. Allow the reconstituted vaccine to sit for one to two minutes and then carefully swirl mixture until a uniform suspension is achieved. Avoid vigorous shaking as this tends to cause foaming of the suspension. Do not dilute reconstituted vaccine.
  • YF-VAX vaccine is a slight pink-brown suspension after reconstitution. If the product contains extraneous particulate matter or is discolored, do not administer the vaccine.
  • SWIRL VACCINE WELL before withdrawing each dose. Administer the single immunizing dose of 0.5 mL subcutaneously using a 5/8- to 3/4-inch long needle (23) within 60 minutes of reconstituting the vial.

Properly dispose of all reconstituted vaccine and containers that remain unused after one hour (eg, sterilized or disposed in red hazardous waste containers). (2)



If immunization is imperative and the individual has a history of severe egg sensitivity and has a positive skin test to the vaccine, this desensitization procedure may be used to administer the vaccine.

The following successive doses should be administered subcutaneously at 15- to 20-minute intervals:

  1. 0.05 mL of 1:10 dilution
  2. 0.05 mL of full strength
  3. 0.10 mL of full strength
  4. 0.15 mL of full strength
  5. 0.20 mL of full strength

Desensitization should only be performed under the direct supervision of a physician experienced in the management of anaphylaxis with necessary emergency equipment immediately available.

Further information

Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.