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Ruconest Dosage

Generic name: CONESTAT ALFA 2100U
Dosage form: injection, powder, for solution
Drug class: Hereditary angioedema agents

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Oct 11, 2023.

For intravenous use after reconstitution only.

2.1 Recommended Dosing

  • Initiate treatment with RUCONEST under the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional experienced in the treatment of HAE.
  • Appropriately trained patients may self-administer upon recognition of an HAE attack.
  • The recommended dose of RUCONEST is 50 U per kg with a maximum of 4200 U to be administered as a slow intravenous injection over approximately 5 minutes.

If the attack symptoms persist, an additional (second) dose can be administered at the recommended dose level. Do not exceed 4200 U per dose. No more than two doses should be administered within a 24 hour period.

Table 1. Recommended dose of RUCONEST for an acute attack

Body Weight

RUCONEST Dose for Intravenous Injection

Volume (mL) of Reconstituted Solution (150 U/mL) to be Administered

< 84 kg

50 U per kg

Body weight in kg divided by 3

≥ 84 kg

4200 U (2 vials)

28 mL

2.2 Preparation and Handling

  • Store RUCONEST in the original carton and protect from light prior to reconstitution.
  • Do not use after expiration date on the product vial label.
  • Water for Injection is not included in the RUCONEST package.
  • Use aseptic technique to reconstitute, mix the solution, and to combine the reconstituted solution from more than one vial ( see Reconstitution [ 2.3] and Administration [ 2.4]).
  • Do not mix or administer RUCONEST with other medicinal products or solutions.
  • Discard all partially used vials after treatment.

2.3 Reconstitution

Each package contains one single-use vial of RUCONEST. To reconstitute, the following are also required:

  • Sterile Water for Injection (diluent) - At least 14 mL per vial of RUCONEST requiring reconstitution.
  • Antiseptic wipe
  • Syringe
  • Commercially available vial adapter and syringe luer lock or large bore needle. If using a syringe with vial adapter, use a new vial adapter for each vial of RUCONEST and diluent.

The procedures below are provided as general guidelines for the reconstitution and administration of RUCONEST.

  • Ensure that the RUCONEST vial and diluent vial are at room temperature.
  • Remove the flip caps from the RUCONEST and diluent vials. Treat the vial stoppers with the antiseptic wipe and allow to dry.
  • Using the syringe/needle or syringe/vial adapter, withdraw 14 mL of sterile water for injection from the diluent vial.
  • Remove the syringe and transfer the diluent to the RUCONEST vial. Add the diluent slowly to avoid forceful impact on the powder. Swirl the vial slowly to mix and avoid foaming.
  • Repeat this procedure using another 14 mL of diluent and a second vial of RUCONEST.
  • If the same patient is to receive more than one vial, the contents of multiple vials may be pooled into a single administration device (i.e., syringe).
  • Inspect RUCONEST visually for particulate matter and discoloration after reconstitution and prior to administration. The reconstituted solution should be colorless, clear, and free from visible particles. Do not use if the solution is cloudy, colored, or contains particulates.
  • RUCONEST vial is for single-use only.
  • Use the reconstituted product immediately, or within 8 hours stored at 36ºF - 46ºF (2º - 8ºC). Discard partially used vials.
  • Do not freeze the reconstituted solution.

2.4 Administration

  • Do not mix RUCONEST with other medicinal products. Administer RUCONEST by a separate infusion line.
  • Use aseptic technique when administering RUCONEST.
  • Follow recommended venipuncture guidelines for initiating intravenous therapy.
  • Administer RUCONEST by slow intravenous injection over approximately 5 minutes.
  • For self-administration, provide the patient with instructions and training for intravenous injection outside of a clinic setting so patients may self-administer RUCONEST upon recognition of symptoms of an HAE attack ( see Patient Counseling Information [ 17]).
  • After administration, immediately discard any unused product and all used disposable supplies in accordance with local requirements.

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