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Eskata Dosage

Generic name: HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 40mg in 100mg
Dosage form: topical solution
Drug class: Topical anti-infectives

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Mar 17, 2023.

Important Administration Information

ESKATA is to be administered by a health care provider.

For topical use only. Not for oral, ophthalmic, or intravaginal use.

Do not apply ESKATA topical solution to open or infected seborrheic keratoses.

Prior to application of ESKATA, ensure the surface of seborrheic keratosis lesion is clear of oil and debris (an alcohol wipe can be used).

During a single in-office treatment session, apply ESKATA to seborrheic keratosis lesions 4 times, approximately 1 minute apart. After one use, replace the cap and discard the unit dose applicator.

When treating seborrheic keratoses on the face, take appropriate actions to ensure that ESKATA will not come into contact with the eyes.

If the treated lesions have not completely cleared approximately 3 weeks after treatment, another treatment may be administered following the same procedure.

Dosage and Administration Instructions

Preparation of the ESKATA applicator

Wear nitrile or vinyl examination gloves during the activation of the ESKATA applicator and during the administration of the solution to the lesion(s).

The method for preparing the ESKATA applicator for use is illustrated below. While activating the applicator, hold it away from the patient. Do not remove the cap until after completion of Step 4 (below).



Step 1: Hold the ESKATA applicator so that the applicator cap is pointing up Step 2: Crush the ampule in the applicator by applying finger pressure to the diamond symbol on the applicator barrel



Step 3: Remove the sleeve Step 4: Holding the applicator with cap pointing up, tap the bottom of the applicator to separate the solution from the crushed ampule

Application of ESKATA topical solution

Following release of the solution from the ampule, remove the cap from the ESKATA applicator. Gently squeeze the applicator barrel to express the solution to the applicator tip. Using the applicator, apply the solution directly to the seborrheic keratosis in a circular motion. Apply enough solution to uniformly wet the lesion surface, including the edges without excess running or dripping.

Wait 1 minute and observe. Whitening of the lesion may occur.

Do not progress to subsequent applications if severe erythema/edema or pain occur. Apply again in the same manner 3 additional applications 1 minute apart.

Minimize the amount of drug that comes into contact with surrounding skin. If ESKATA does come into contact with surrounding skin, use an absorbent wipe to remove any excess solution (do not use paper towels or tissue).

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