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AlbuRx Dosage

Generic name: ALBUMIN HUMAN 12.5g in 50mL
Dosage form: injection
Drug class: Plasma expanders

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Aug 4, 2022.

ALBURX® 25, Albumin (Human) 25% solution must be administered intravenously. The venipuncture site should not be infected or traumatized, and should be prepared with standard aseptic technique. The solution is compatible with whole blood or packed red cells as well as the usual electrolyte and carbohydrate solutions intended for intravenous use. By contrast, it should not be mixed with protein hydrolysates, amino acid mixtures, or solutions containing alcohol. It is ready for use as contained in the bottle and may be given without regard to the blood group of the recipient.

The dosage of ALBURX® 25, Albumin (Human) 25% solution is based on the principles outlined in the section on INDICATIONS AND USAGE but should always be adapted to the individual situation. The quantities required may be underestimated because of hidden extravascular deficits, and the effect of ALBURX® 25 infusion on the serum protein level should therefore be checked by laboratory analysis.

Volume Deficit

The appropriate ALBURX® 25, Albumin (Human) 25% solution dose for the treatment of a volume deficit should be estimated from the recipient's hemodynamic response7, supplemented with the established safeguards against a circulatory overload. In the absence of active hemorrhage, the total dose should at any rate not exceed the normal circulating albumin mass, i.e. 2 g per kg body weight.

Oncotic Deficit

The appropriate ALBURX® 25, Albumin (Human) 25% solution dose in grams of protein for the correction of an oncotic deficit can, as an average, be estimated from the difference between the desired and the actual TSP level x plasma volume (~40 mL/kg) × 2, the latter factor allowing for the hidden extravascular deficit. The individual effect is, however, variable and should be checked by measuring the post-infusion TSP level.10,17

Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn

The appropriate ALBURX® 25, Albumin (Human) 25% solution dose for the binding of free serum bilirubin in severely hemolytic infants is 1 g/kg body weight, to be given about one hour prior to the exchange transfusion, and caution is recommended in hypervolemic infants.

ALBURX® 25, Albumin (Human) 25% solution is clear and slightly viscous; it is almost colorless, or yellow, amber, or green. Parenteral drug products should be inspected visually for particulate matter and discoloration prior to administration, whenever solution and container permit. Do not use solution that is turbid or contains particulate matter.

Further information

Always consult your healthcare provider to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your personal circumstances.