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User Reviews for Egrifta

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Reviews for Egrifta to treat Lipodystrophy

"I have used Egrifta for about 4 years now, except when the drug was not available. I had a reduction in belly fat to a great degree AND lost over 25 lbs. I tapered the drug when I got too thin and stopped for over 9 months due to drug not being available. I believe I have also seen more fat in my face where it wasted before. I started again about 1 year ago when I started gaining weight (but more the old way)Now in the last 6 months my belly is still soft as oppposed to hard before the drug but still gaining weight so I have been dieting. Anyone else seeing similar or different longer term effects?"

Sdguy (taken for 2 to 5 years) May 22, 2017

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"I had a problem with visceral fat as a side effect of my HIV meds. My doctors convinced me that Egrifta could reduce the density of my visceral fat and after using it for just over 7 months my affected area has had a softening and reduction of fat but I have had one unexpected and undesirable penis seem to be noticeably not as thick as it has been my entire life. While my husband says its no big deal it is to me! Has anyone else had this "side effect"?"


Diminished (taken for 6 months to 1 year) October 27, 2016

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"Just finishing 2 months on Egrifta. 1st month not remarkable but at the 6 week mark I'm noticing a change. It seems as if the visceral fat has reduced and moving to sub-q fat. I've maintained the same diet, medication and work out schedule. Just about 7 lbs weight loss but not sure it's the egrifta. Will check in at the 3 month mark."


briansbelly (taken for 1 to 6 months) August 4, 2015

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"So far so good been on medication for 15 days have not seen a change test but I'm also working out and eating better to help my outcome. Along with taking fiber and protein daily. Only down side I had this far is very minor soreness to the injection area. Oh and follow the direction to stay below the belly button line because anything above will leave a large bruise on the skin."


Iwantasixpack August 8, 2012

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"I have been administering Egrifta now for 2 1/2 month's, with absolutely no reduction of abdominal fat. I am a thin person with my abdominal fat causing me to be unable to close my buttons and zippers of my clothing. Then I heard of Egrifta thinking it was the answer. Wrong! No results, just a painful irritated, scar tissue in my abdomen now. "


mad in Florida January 11, 2012

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"The therapeutic effect is not as immediate or apparent as Serostim (which I took for weight loss due to AIDS-related wasting). However, its effect, although more subtle, is nevertheless quite extraordinary! The fat is slowly subsiding, even in the back around the waistline (which is SUPER DIFFICULT to get rid of!). The most obvious effect, although secondary to the therapeutic aim of reducing abdominal fatty tissue, is the absolutely fabulous change in my skin texture, color, and overall health. My skin heals at 500% its normal speed. Even fine line wrinkles are lessening in the cheeks and eyes."


Anonymous June 11, 2011

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