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User Reviews for Silver topical

Also known as: SilvaSorb, SilvrSTAT, Solox

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Dermatological Disorders
6 reviews 332 medications
Summary of Silver reviews 9.3 6 reviews

Reviews for Silver

in focus · Taken for less than 1 month September 28, 2017

For Dermatological Disorders: "I had a lesion removed on my face with electro cautery. Being over 60, even a scrape takes two weeks to heal and scars. After 1 week scab fell off and skin like new. This is a wonder drug. Who knows, might even have a few stem cells floating around as magic bullets Problem is $$$$$$$ and hard to get"

KBBS April 23, 2015

SilvaSorb (silver) for Dermatological Disorders: "I was debating on doing laser (PAINFUL) treatments or using this gel (non painful) and went with this gel, not sure if this would work. My scars are all over 5 years old and after 3 weeks, I noticed that the scars aren't standing out as much as they had been. I feel confident that in time, not that much longer, that my scars won't be noticeable."

Cautiousofcrawlers · Taken for less than 1 month November 4, 2013

SilvaSorb (silver) for Dermatological Disorders: "Get a nasty infection from a spider bite. Antibiotic ointment wasn't doing anything for it. SilvaSorb was a miracle."

Clayton6223226 · Taken for less than 1 month March 24, 2013

SilvrSTAT (silver) for Dermatological Disorders: "So I ran into a tree lost all my skin on my forearm. Was prescribed 3 orders or 3oz Silvrstat gel. And in 2 days it's now a scar that's now disappearing. My brother and father have had psoriasis in their legs their whole life, day two for both of them after applying this miracle gel it's literally disappearing. Please take my word and spread it. My girlfriend has eczema, and day 3 she only has the bumps caused from her itching it and her condition is better than it has been the 3 years I've been with her. I am truly amazed. I used it for my dermatitis on my nose which I was taking doxycycline for, and it disappeared in 36 hours all together. And since I was so amazed I applied it to my sebaceous cyst in my chin, and what Do you know it's getting better."

Anonymous August 28, 2011

SilvaSorb (silver) for Dermatological Disorders: "As a firearms, knife and self defense instructor, this product is GREAT. Better than triple antibiotic ointment."

a nurse October 13, 2010

SilvaSorb (silver) for Dermatological Disorders: "This product healed a decubitus that a quadraplegic patient had for 2 years after only 3 months of use. It is a wonder product."