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User Reviews for Propylthiouracil

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Hot and Bothered · Taken for less than 1 month September 13, 2019

For Hyperthyroidism: “After two and a half weeks if taking 30 mg of Methimazole, I broke out with hives that were outrageously itchy. I couldn’t sleep or concentrate on anything besides the itching and my hands and ankles were swollen. My doctor switched me to this medicine propylthiouracil taking 250mg 3 times a day. It has been exactly a week since I broke out with hives and 4 days since I started the new medication. So far, the itching is still unbearable. Hoping it goes away soon and not reacting to the new medicine too. For me, both medicines have helped with all the symptoms of Graves disease, I just can’t stand the intolerable itching that I’m having as a side effect. I plan to get the radioactive treatment. Hoping to get my levels normalized as soon as possible so I can get the radiation and stop damaging my liver with this medication.”

Answer 2016 December 21, 2016

For Hyperthyroidism: “Hi, I recently got Graves Disease, I went to the doc and they wanted to kill my thyroid with Radioactive Idione- Please do not take that pill is dangerous- My question is she put me on Propylthiouracil and it causes liver problems. But she said I will only use it for a month until my surgery. What are everyone's thoughts on that? She put me on it because I want surgery to take it out. I do not like the taste and I hate feeling sick!!”

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