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User Reviews for Namenda XR to treat Alzheimer's Disease

bsandy · Taken for less than 1 month June 27, 2014

“My wife began the 4 stage process a couple of months ago, and I stopped it halfway through week 2 because she seemed to be getting more confused. We started again a month ago and are into the 2nd full dose, and I am very concerned that her condition is worse instead of better.”

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Hubbycare April 15, 2014

“My wife tried to add Namenda as a component of combination therapy but after continuous bouts of bronchitis we terminated Namenda and, as a result, she was (in short order) able to get rid of the bronchitis. Since Namenda had seemed promising (initially, before bronchitis), we were very disappointed that it seemed necessary to eliminate that component of her treatment. Although our neurologist had not previously seen a case in which bronchitis was a side effect of Namenda, he suggested we try Namenda XR. We are thrilled that she has been able to take Namenda XR without experiencing such a side effect and that Namenda XR appears to be providing desired benefits.”

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Tina · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 28, 2018

“My mother was on this for several years when she lived alone. She had increasing anxiety over time to the point of not being suitable to go to a restaurant. I asked her to go off it for a while. The difference in her anxiety off this medication was astounding. She went back on this medication fearing her dementia was worsening off of it. The family physician prescribed Trazadone to counteract the anxiety. Over a two month period her decline was extremely marked. She did not have anxiety but had a huge decline in memory and personality. She is now off of both meds. and has very low anxiety. However, it looks like the decline in memory is permanent. Her psychiatrist told us long ago that these medications do nothing and have some pretty severe side effects.”

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Namenda XR works real good! August 20, 2017

“My Mom is 94 years old and has been prescribed Namenda XR once a day for Alzheimer's disease. It has helped her to be quite clear and focused. When our neighbour recently fell and broke her back, Mom asked to find out the name of the rehab facility so she could send her flowers. Mom remembered that in January 2016, she fell and broke her tibila and fibula (leg) and this neighbor sent my Mom an orchid plant, making Mom feel very happy. Mom still forgets current information. Where are we going? To the doctor. 10 minutes later, where are we going? To the doctor. Also this medication is pricey, $162.01!”

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