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User Reviews for Lactaid Fast Act

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Lactose Intolerance 2.2
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Reviews for Lactaid Fast Act

Acc · Taken for less than 1 month May 11, 2020

For Lactose Intolerance: “I have taken this pill 3 separate times. Every time I have taken this I have severe cramps and diarrhea. HORRIBLE DIARRHEA!!!! The first two times I took this I thought it was something I ate that was bad. Now the third time dealing with this I know that it’s the pills. When my stomach wakes me up in the Middle of the night so I can spend an hour in the bathroom is not fun. It usually lasts for 24 hours but it’s embarrassing to tell my boss I can’t come in Because I’m on the toilet. Never again will I take these and I would never recommend them.”

1 / 10
Momof2 · Taken for less than 1 month January 31, 2020

For Lactose Intolerance: “My story sounds like all the others. I tried this product 2 separate times. First time I was at work. Took the Lactaid with my lunch and one hour I was sick. Vomiting and diarrhea. I had to leave and go home. I did not think it was the pills. I tried it again a few months later and same thing. Vomiting and diarrhea. I had bought a box of 60 chewables that will go to trash. I would not recommend this product to anyone.”

1 / 10
Sofie November 18, 2019

For Lactose Intolerance: “Okay so I’ve been suffering from undiagnosed stomach problems they wrote off as IBS and well I’m not buying it but point is they tested me and it showed I was lactose intolerant so me being the person I am I didn’t want to upset my stomach more so I bought equate lactose pills and at first I took one or two and no problems although I never had horrible discomfort from dairy anyway just the occasional runs but BOY WAS I IN FOR IT so I took 3 lactose pills cause “no side effects” right? WRONG that was my first warning cause a couple hours later I felt like I was going to vomit and that feeling lasted two days but I figured it was what I ate SOO fast forward to last night I ate Mac n cheese at 2am and me being scared it would hurt my stomach I took 3 lactose pills and THE NEXT MORNING I WOKE UP IN PAIN and I ended up vomiting for the first time in 4 years so no more pills( figures cause I ate nachos and fried Mac n cheese prior with no pills and I was fine)”

1 / 10
Ecolli · Taken for less than 1 month September 24, 2019

For Lactose Intolerance: “I've been lactose intolerant since I was a young child but I never took anything for it. I avoided regular milk and have only used lactaid milk or soy. A couple of weeks ago I decided to try lactaid fast acting pills because I was tired of the gas and upset stomach. This medicine has caused me severe stomach pains and diarrhea. I am currently curled up in a ball in pain. I would rather have terrible gas than take this pill again.”

2 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 13, 2019

For Lactose Intolerance: “I have been using lactaid milk for a while for my morning cup of coffee and still had issues with bloating and gas so I recently decided to use the lactaid fast act. I noticed that there were days where my stomach would hurt an hour or two after the pill, but nothing too insanely bad. But today I only drank my coffee and one of the pills and three hours later at work I was in a cold sweat and puking my life away. I hate leaving early so it was super embarrassing and when I got home I felt the same stomach pain I usually get from the lactaid pill and additionally I started having really bad diarrhea. This pill was supposed to make me more comfortable, but I almost puked all over my coworkers and pooped to within an inch of my life at home. I'm hesitant to ever take these again.”

2 / 10
Jason · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 16, 2019

For Lactose Intolerance: “Suspected I was lactose intolerant so I cut out dairy: Got nostalgic of ice-cream and other dairy treats real quick: Gave Lactaid a try at the recommendation of friends and doctor. Several times felt like I was dying. I was up sweating all night with severe stomach pain, felt like my intestines were being wrung into a knot, and prayed for diarrhea: which eventually did come and didn't stop for an hour. This happened to me several times on separate occasions until it dawned on me it could be the lactaid pills. I never took these horrible things again and I’ve never had the issue reoccur. I’d rather yolo a bowl of ice-cream and let the lactose intolerance run it’s course than suffer the immense pain these lactose pills caused me.”

1 / 10
Hugo V · Taken for less than 1 month March 14, 2019

For Lactose Intolerance: “I took the chewable lactaids on 3 occasions. The first time, I had to miss work for the remainder of the day as I was vomiting non-stop. Next time the same. The 3rd and last time, I ended up in the ER, I was in pain, fever, diarrhea and vomiting at the same time. My wife was the one who recalled that all 3 times I was sick, it was when I used Lactaid Fast Act chewable tablets. NEVER AGAIN. I did not believe it so I tried eating the cheese I had that night without Lactaid, and I did not have any symptoms except the usual bloating I get from lactose. I prefer bloating than spending a night hooked to the intraveinous fluids thing.”

1 / 10
janio · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 3, 2016

For Lactose Intolerance: “I took 2-3 lactaid tablets yesterday and have severe stomach pains. This happened 2 months ago and I had to undergo two weeks of antibiotics to treat an h. pylori infection. Going for another h. pylori breath test today. Lactaid may disrupt stomach flora.”

3 / 10
necee December 2, 2015

For Lactose Intolerance: “After taking 1 dose of lactase enzyme supplement 9000 units along with some ice creme I felt sick to my stomach I had stomach pains nausea just an overall feeling of sickness which lasted for most of the day”

1 / 10
Liin · Taken for less than 1 month September 4, 2015

For Lactose Intolerance: “I have taken Lactaid fast action twice now ( one week apart ) both times within hours I had diarrhea and vomiting. Won't be using this product again.”

1 / 10
madapice1929 February 5, 2011

For Lactose Intolerance: “I have been on the milk ever since it came out. It was a blessing for me because I am a milk drinker. I took the pills before the chewable but when the they came out I was thrilled at how fast they worked and they are good tasting so what could be better?? Not a thing. Thank you and to who ever came up with the chewables. I would like the coupons. ”

10 / 10

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