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Reviews for Focalin

KarPete October 3, 2014

For ADHD: “We started our 8 year old son (then) on Methyphenidate I think 10mg. Then went up to 20 mg. That was disastrous after a few months with the tantrums, weight loss and anorexia. We had him switched to Vyvanse 20 mg per day for a few months. Anorexia continued and after those few months, he became yellowish skinned, almost jaundiced. He got toxic obviously so we detoxed him with some fish oil supplements and some other herbal remedies. About 2 weeks later we put him on Focalin XR 5mg. His focus is starting to dwindle now that school started. We added the Focalin 2.5mg to the morning regimen to boost the dosage a little faster (that one is faster absorbed also). Have not heard anything negative from the teacher so we are crossing our fingers.”

Anonymous March 19, 2012

For ADHD: “My 9-year-old takes Focalin XR during the school day and Focalin for a kick up at night for extra-curriculars. For us, its been great. He had been on Adderall but became negative, dramatic and started threatening self-harm. When you hide knives from your 6-year-old, its a problem! He's in the gifted program now but has always been a good student. All conversations with teachers started out "He's so smart but..." We don't hear the "but" anymore. We just started taking him off the meds more. Which can drive us crazy but we noticed that he was always on the taller side. Now he's one of the shorter kids and he's underweight. He doesn't eat while medicated so we're hoping he'll grow more if we take a break.”

9 / 10
Trini7429 · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 28, 2017

For ADHD: “My son is now going on 9 we started out with adderall 5mg XR at age 5... as he got older we adjusted and went to 5mg twice a day, however!! There were massive side effects with the Adderall mainly moods anger frustration among many others that I noticed at the age of seven we then started Focalin , however when we started the Focalin my son was put on a 20 mg dose to start extended release capsule he took the medication went to school and every day after lunch when the second those kicked in he would constantly have massive rage massive hallucination massive amounts of itching breakouts among other things..... The 20 mg XR was way to strong for him. We downgraded to a 10mg XR with a 2.5mg immediate release for back. Best decision we've made”

7 / 10

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Anonymous April 13, 2012

For ADHD: “This was the 6th medication that my 6 yo son tried. Loved Daytrana, but the rashes were terrible and it took forever to kick in. Hated Focalin. He had no better of an appetite on it and most importantly, even though his symptoms were not resolved, he was a zombie on the lowest dosage - hyperfocused, irritable, NO sense of humor (and this is the kid that was always called "a one man show" in school). On to number 7 now....”

3 / 10
MAConCRACK February 8, 2016

For ADHD: “This is not a joke. I literally took this medicine at 2:30pm and started having a panic attack at the library and had to leave. it is now 10:30pm and I just texted my sorority group chat asking if there was an earthquake because I literally felt the entire house shaking. My body is reacting so terribly to this medicineIi do not recommend taking this at all. Now my entire sorority thinks I am crazy.”

10 / 10
A kid · Taken for less than 1 month April 19, 2017

For ADHD: “I just started taking it for two day and I hate it the first day I started twitching and shaking and my stomach felt so uncomfortable.the second day it felt worse I had a dry throat, uncomfortable stomach, less twitching , I felt so useless. The worst thing about it was a post to make me focus and it does not even help. I just hate how I have to lie about how I feel - I say I'm ok but I'm so for from being ok.”

1 / 10
adamsmom4281 January 31, 2010

For ADHD: “My 9 year old son has been on various medicines for ADHD since he was 6. We just switched to Focalin 10 mg about 2 weeks ago. We are noticing that by about 1:00 in the afternoon it is completely out of his system and there is no focus. We are going to try a booster dose of 5 mg in the afternoon. I'm going to talk to our doctor about lowering his morning dose because he feels shaky and tired, which I thought would have subsided by now. His focus is terrific but I wonder if we can get the same results by knocking down the dose a bit and adding the booster. Other than that, his sleep and eating habits are the same. Whew!”

9 / 10

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Anonymous August 13, 2016

For ADHD: “. I'm currently 15 yrs old and and this is the second add/adhd meds I've been on. In highschool I feel that it's very important to succeed. Due to me going untreated for my entire childhood, I dropped out. I'm back in school now and it's been 2 years. If it gets to the point where you want to drop out I suggest add medication. But if you have a 3-10 year old I highly don't suggest it. When my brother was 4-7/8 he was on it. He would always try to kill me and my mother. He would hurt animals and kids at school. He was quiet and had no emotion or expression. Tried to kill himself many times. To this day he is now 18 and 5'8 when he is supposed to be over 6ft because our genes. Highly do not recommend unless this is the last resort for a child”

6 / 10
Jackson · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 17, 2020

For ADHD: “I've been reading some comments and they make a lot of sense. Focalin along with pretty much everyone of the ADHD medicines are powerful stimulants. I would think children should be put on this and others like it only in extreme circumstances. Its help change my life for the better. The pros out weigh the cons for me no question.”

8 / 10
MomRom June 7, 2016

For ADHD: “My sixteen year old son began taking 15mg of the generic Focalin and had great results, unfortunately the side effects are beginning to bother him after one year of successfully taking the medicine. It seems the gastrointestinal issues are making him weary and he has asked to discontinue the medicine despite the stellar grades. Hoping a switch to a lower dose may work.”

8 / 10
prettylittledancer January 19, 2018

For ADHD: “The doctor started me off with 10 mg seemed to never "fully" kick in, I would feel some effects, mostly just I would stare out into space and daydream. I told my doctor this and he just said I needed to refocus my focus. (He's a hippy Y'all) Then when I finally convinced him up it to see if I would actually feel anything more, it just amps my anxiety and makes me extremely tired. You can forget about taking a second extended-release capsule after that one wears off, it just makes you more tired and amps your anxiety more, makes you jittery and really on edge, also makes your heart beat incredibly fast. Would not recommend.”

2 / 10
Anonymous October 4, 2011

For ADHD: “I'm not impressed with this medication. My daughter was having some issues with Vyvanse, so her doctor put her on this. Unfortunately she's back to her old self, completely out of control, taking hours to do a 15 minute assignment, playing with her paper, staring off into space, not focusing, etc. First thing tomorrow I'm calling her doctor and putting her back on Vyvance. Last thing I want is for her grades to slip, she's already struggling enough as it is to keep them up. The nail biting from Vyvanse is just a minor side effect that we can deal with for now, otherwise she'll fail 3rd grade entirely.”

1 / 10
BP · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 15, 2020

For ADHD: “I have been prescribed this for around 4 years now for my pretty bad ADHD which has affected my life in many ways. I must say I have never ever liked taking this but I had to every school day. It helps me kind of focus but it makes me feel terrible as though everything really annoys me, when taking this even talking irritates me and no matter what variation I take it always has the same annoying/negative effects with only a few positive effects.”

7 / 10
stokleysmom January 23, 2012

For ADHD: “My 10 year old daughter had her doctors appointment on Friday. She started Focalin 5mg on Saturday. Last might, Sunday, she was complaining of stomach pains. And again before school this morning. I gave her some tums and cereal, and I'm hoping for the best. The doctor said that the stomach pains will subside in about a week. She's not really "zombied", but it seems as though there's a lot less talking. She's not ADHD, just ADD. I am worrying very much. I hope that the Focalin equals out in her system soon.”

8 / 10
Ricky-__ December 1, 2015

For ADHD: “I love how it makes you more focused on one thing. But it has too many bad things to it. First you have loss of hunger for a longer period of time. Then you get this bad stomach feeling like barely fainting or puking. Your muscles start to twitch and you annoying and hostile. I also feel like crying at random points and is pretty emberassing.”

4 / 10
George Washington September 26, 2015

For ADHD: “Im a 17 year old girl and focalin was the first medication I ever used to treat my ADHD. It was the worst! Like many others, I felt extremely anxious. I also constantly would feel unattached to the world. Even worse, it didn't even help me focus! I was too busy having overwhelming feelings of anxiety to be focused. However, I wouldn't say you shouldn't try this medication as it seems to work for others. I just know that if you feel any sense of anxiety, it's abnormal. I'm on vyvanse now and I have no problems with anxiety. Just a few minor symptoms, but it works great.”

1 / 10
ADD,very best med. yet! · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 12, 2015

For ADHD: “I have no insurance and currently back in school for counseling, social worker.... lets say Human Resources. I am 34 years old, can't get insurance with parents, I'm way over 25! I clean homes and babysit to get extra cash for gas and needs and thankfully my parents have extra rooms, also luckily I have no kids. Was getting my 70mg Vyvanse meds paid all for with card, but after renewing was denied due to couldn't read Dr's last name and no proof of income..have none. Was currently taking 30mg Adderall 2x per day, Dr. wanted to try this and luckily about same price, now the Adderall is now half as much, so I must sacrifice. This medicine is by far the best medication I have found for my condition. May just have to pay more for this, best!!!”

10 / 10
Anonymous January 11, 2011

For ADHD: “My daughter (8 yrs old) started taking Focalin 5 weeks into this school year. Her teacher agrees that it is working wonderfully for her. She is focused and her grades are great. She was struggling to read, to make it through a regular school day, to do homework and to get along. We asked her how she feels on Focalin and she said " I feel so much better". She is on 15 mg once daily and it is SUPER.”

10 / 10
Ry · Taken for less than 1 month November 29, 2020

For ADHD: “I'm on Focalin 10mg twice a day. I'm shaky and cold after I take it, my appetite is down, and my heart is beating way too fast. I feel relatively blank, I'm tired, but have a hard time sleeping. I used to sleep between 9 or 10pm then wake up around 7-8 am, now if I'm lucky I go to sleep at 11pm or 12pm and wake up at 6am. I rarely sleep through the night, and I'm anxious and agitated all the time. I'm also on prozac (20mg) and maybe they're clashing. It does help with paying attention, I can focus on things long enough for them to register, but I feel worse than I did before I started it.”

3 / 10
Helpless Mom July 20, 2011

For ADHD: “My daughter is 9. She has been taking Focalin for 1 year now and she is alarmingly thin. The doctor suggests that we should just feed her more food when she wants to eat. My daughter has always been a thin girl but now she looks sick, but on the up side this medication works well with her ADHD. She can focus and she even has friends now that she is not hitting people. My daughter is actually pretty smart but you would have never knew this before Focalin.”

6 / 10
Stella · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 1, 2018

For ADHD: “I am 62 year old female. I SO wanted focalin to work for me. Prozac and focalin are both NOT good. So tired, can't focus, nauseated, dizzy, reclusive, crying. Now on second day of wellbutrin and already feeling 100% better. I thought focalin would give me a boost.. I’m giving focalin the boot!”

1 / 10
blakes mom September 17, 2009

For ADHD: “My 7 year old son has been taking Focalin for a few months now. At first all was great. Now there is a great deal of explosive behavior. We have made an appointment with a counselor to begin some 1 on 1 and family counseling.”

nateman25 April 12, 2016

For ADHD: “ I Have Struggled with adhd for 10yrs an finally my doc did something about it:) However I did have sleeping problems for first few weeks but that was expected with it being a stimulant but after a month or so my sleeping is back to normal and my mind is not spinning out of control so THANKS DOC! ”

9 / 10
Texasmom October 6, 2009

For ADHD: “My 9 yr old son who has ADHD and ODD has been on Focalin XR for roughly 5 months now after going through 3 other different medicines for his ADHD that produced a lot of side effects. He dropped down to 42 lbs. VERY SCARY, and he would refuse to eat, period. He also takes 1 mg of Risperdal at night. He has a very high tolerance and is given 40 mg of Focalin XR daily. This is the only drug I have found that does not affect his appetite. He eats non stop when he gets home from school until he goes to bed at night. It has calmed him down but it seems to wear off after 6 hours. Other than that, this medication is GREAT and I will continue to give it to my son.”

9 / 10
sugargirl66 · Taken for less than 1 month July 8, 2015

For ADHD: “I am an 18 year old female with ADHD and my doctor just switched me from vyvanse 30mg to taking focalin 10mg XR and I absolutely hate it. Vyvanse worked for me but would make me bite my lip often in class which was very odd, but something I could work with...Focalin makes me socially anxious (keep in mind I am the most social and extroverted girl), jittery, and worry about random things. I am going to doctor tomorrow after taking it for 2 days and going back to vyvanse.”

6 / 10

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