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User Reviews for Tegretol XR to treat Epilepsy

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Tegretol XR Rating Summary

User Ratings
38% (3)
25% (2)
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25% (2)
7.1/10 Average Rating
8 ratings from 10 user reviews

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Reviews for Tegretol XR

Bellamama October 15, 2017

“I an 27 years old and I started taking tegretol 6 years ago. I have 2 healthy kids and I have no more seizures. I used to have light ones but I didn't know what is happening for 2 or 3 seconds!! Since I started using this medicine I'm feeling better. Half a pill in the morning and a full pill at night and it's extremely a perfect choice by the neurologist!”

10 / 10
ATLGA2016 · Taken for less than 1 month May 6, 2016

“The neurologist that I go to see for my epilepsy seizures he wanted to prescribe me a new medication. He then asked me the patient would I mind taking a new medication "Tegretol", I asked him what he thought I and he claimed he did not know. The doctor prescribed me the Tegretol medication, I had been taken it for less than two months and was diagnosed with an Allergic reaction, Swollen Throat, Facial edema and itchy skin.”

1 / 10
Anonymous March 20, 2014

“It sent my seizures through the roof.”

1 / 10
Momoftyntrev · Taken for 10 years or more January 25, 2013

“I am 33 yrs. old and have been taking Tegretol XR since I was 18 yrs old for grand mal seizures. It has been great.....I have had two healthy children and maintained my medication during my pregnancies and had no problems. Have been seizure free for 10 years!”

10 / 10
The Geek April 9, 2009

“Tegretol XR works well in controlling partial onset seizures. Just as long as you take it vigilantly and sleep regularly. There are two things that keep this medication from being a ten. The first is the fact that your body becomes resistant to the effects of the medication resulting in a never-ending dosage increase to maintain your results. The other is one of the side effects of this medication is unsteady hands, and that can make certain tasks somewhat difficult, but as long you follow simple guidelines, this medication in conjunction with another anti-convulsant does quite well at keeping your disorder in check.”

9 / 10
Steph73 January 22, 2009

“I have been on Tegretol for 20 years. I was switched to the Tegretol XR a few years back. I noticed no diffrence with the medication. Very good medicine with no significant side effects.”

10 / 10 January 6, 2009

“I have been diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (seizures are so fleeting that I referred to them as funny turns). Lamotrigine worked for 4 months and then I was changed to Tegretol Retard which for the last 3 months has been effective. Side effets were tiredness and a rash which was treated with an antihistamine. ”

7 / 10
jmccorkle March 9, 2008

“I am a 55 year old male with rare seizures. I have taken regular Tegretol in the past, but didn't like it because of the side effects with fatigue, confusion, and memory loss. I have been on Tegretol XR for the last five and a half months, and have been very pleased. The side effects seem to be much less and allow me to function much more normally. ”

9 / 10
boslackey October 3, 2007

“I am 41 years old and have epilepsy. I take 1000 mg of tegretol xr and have been seizure free since 12/01. However, the side effects of the tegretol xr(to me) are significant. I have constant exhaustion and have trouble with my hand-eye coordination and memory.”

tanacrn August 13, 2007

“My daughter has recently been taking Tegretol XR for the last 2 months. She has had a really good tolerance for this drug with very few side effects and an amazing cut back to her seizures. I prefer this drug to any of the other's she has tried. She is not dopey and still has her wits about her, unlike with the other meds she had been on. Tegretol has been really good for her so far.”

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