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Mitral Valve Open Commissurotomy

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Jun 5, 2024.

Mitral valve open commissurotomy is surgery to repair the mitral valve in your heart. The mitral valve normally opens and closes to let blood pass through the heart. If the valve does not open or close correctly, blood may not flow well through your heart.

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Call your local emergency number (911 in the US) if:

Seek care immediately if:

Call your cardiologist or heart surgeon if:


You may need any of the following:

Care for the surgery area:

Do not take a bath, sit in a hot tub, or go swimming until the area has healed. Carefully wash the area with soap and water. Dry the area and put on new, clean bandages as directed. Change your bandages when they get wet or dirty.

Weigh yourself daily:

Weigh yourself at the same time every morning after you urinate, but before you eat. Weight gain can be a sign of extra fluid in your body. Contact your cardiologist or cardiac surgeon if you have gained at least 2 pounds in a day, or 5 pounds in a week.

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Cardiac rehabilitation (rehab):

Your cardiologist or heart surgeon may recommend rehab. This is a program run by specialists who will help you safely strengthen your heart and prevent more heart disease. The plan includes exercise, relaxation, stress management, and heart-healthy nutrition. Healthcare providers will also check to make sure any medicines you are taking are working. The plan may also include instructions for when you can drive, return to work, and do other normal daily activities.


Prevent blood clots and swelling in your legs:


If you are a woman, talk to your healthcare provider or cardiologist if you want to become pregnant. Pregnancy puts more demands on the heart. You may need special care while you are pregnant.

Follow up with your cardiologist or heart surgeon as directed:

You may need to return for blood tests. Write down your questions so you remember to ask them during your visits.

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