Hi, I'm a newbie. I just wanted to share that I've been on Wellbutrin for 1 year. Wellutrin alone does not work well for my depression and it gives me anxiety, plus insomnia. My doctor added Lexapro to take with Wellbutrin and it seemed to even me out but did nothing really for the depression. After trying this combo for about 9 months, I requested a change since it wasn't helping. Now I take Zoloft with Wellbutrin and I feel great!! I think this is my magic bullet!! I am very sensitive to drugs so I only take 50mg of Wellbutrin and 25 mg of Zoloft (both generic). I take them together in the morning and no side effects so far. I have energy, my mood is great, no anxiety, and I can focus at work. So far, so good! It has only been one week with this new combo and it may be too soon to tell how it will help me in the long run, but I wanted to share my experience thus far.

Has anyone else had good success with this combination??