I have been on 50mg of Zoloft for 2 and half months now. It started working like 3 weeks?ago. It worked wonders, I was so happy and everything was so well.
Then on 26th of March i decided to try and drink 2 beers (about 1 liter). day or two after that I noticed some of my OCD symptoms. This made me really anxious because I thought that its going to start all over again. After 26th of March my sleep has not been so good as it was(woke up multiple times in the mornings). Now I have noticed that my symptoms become a little bit worse over the days. Worrying about my mental health and this results in stress. My Dr has upped my dosage to 100mg (second day of taking it).
Does anyone else have this kind of experience? Is it normal or is the drug not working for me anymore?