I started on 25 mg of sertraline for one week then took 50mg the next week and the third week I am currently on 75 mg. I noticed my hair falling out ALOT at the end of the second week (while taking 50 mg). I am 23 year old male and have always had thick hair and no one in my family has had any issues with hair loss. The hair that falls out are long strands with the white bulb attached at the end. I have also noticed that my hair appears to be lighter in color and turning almost white at the tips. Also very thin! I used to be prescribed to adderall and that stuff made my hair fall out like crazy when I took it in the same way that it is falling out with the zoloft. I only used the adderall for studying, so when I didn't use the adderall my hair returned to normal and stopped falling out. So I know that the hair loss I'm experiencing is due to the zoloft because it started falling out as soon as the medicine got into my system, my hair was completely fine before I started the zoloft. I feel that the zoloft (sertraline) is starting to work good for my anxiety and I don't want to stop taking it but I want to keep my hair! So my question is, is this hair loss a temporary side effect? Will the hair loss stop once my body gets adjusted to the sertraline (zoloft)? Has anybody else experienced this? If this is just temporary I would definitely be willing to wait it out.