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Can you take Xanax and buspirone together?

3 Answers

WildcatVet 17 July 2019

Yes, you can:
From the Interaction Checker:
"Interactions between your drugs
No results found in our database - however, this does not necessarily mean no interactions exist. Always consult with your doctor or pharmacist."
Xanax will provide immediate but short term relief and has it's drawbacks... habituation and exacerbation of anxiety symptoms.
Buspar (buspirone) may be used long term.

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Alphabravo33 17 July 2019

Yes, you can. My doctor prescribed both initially, and I took .25 Xanax 2 times a day and 10mgs of buspirone also 3 times a day. When the buspirone got to a therapeutic level in my system after about a month I discontinued the Xanax to only use on an as needed basis. Since the Xanax was such a low dose, I did not need to taper off it. Give the buspirone a good month, it still works great for me 18 years later.

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Ghostbusters 17 July 2019

Instead of asking the millions of “internet doctors” who think they know everything why don’t you just simply go on a legitimate website like and check for drug interactions.

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Inactive 18 July 2019

Thanks, Wildcat: You are a member here who is known to share researched answers and correct information, which you quote from drugs com quite frequently. Always precise and correct! Thanks again. free discount card

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