I suffer from very bad anxiety. I get nervous VERY easy, I panic and my mind goes blank in any situation. I work at a bank, started doing new accounts and I was just on Xanax (Was on Zoloft for a year but stopped because of weight gain) Anyways, because of how nervous I get with people, asking questions, talking, and when I am helping someone, doing things I am new at, etc... I go blank, freeze, panic, and can't remail calm. To get help I went to my doctor 2 weeks ago today and started taking Buspirone (2, 7.5mg a day) and Xanax (2, 2mg a day).

I notice a litte difference thus far, I am slightly less anxious, paniced, etc... Any ideas, thoughts, advice, etc??? It is really hard to live with this and try to surive in the real world, people that do not have anxiety themselves or have a family member or close friend, do not understand and are very judgemental :(. Each day is a struggle for me to stay positive, stay calm, etc... I appreciate any help one can give.