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Can you take Robaxin with diclofenac?


aguila76 4 Nov 2014

Yes. In fact, the pills I was one prescribed contained 200mg Metacarbomol, 75mg Diclofenac, AND 0.75mg Dexamethasone. BUT since I did not want to be taking cortisteroids (Dexamethasone), I asked and got Metacarbomol and Diclofenac by themselves (in separate pill each) and so I could combine them myself. Metacarbomol is a relaxer, Diclofenac an anti-inflammatory, and they act separately and in different ways.

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aguila76 4 Nov 2014

UPDATE and WARNING: The FDA has called for a recall of the pill 'Reumofan' that combined the 3 ingredients, methacarbomol/diclofenac/dexamethasone. The problem with THAT pill is that it was sold as a "natural" supplement but had the three prescription drugs without being declared on the label. These are made in Mexico and sold in the USA by small Mexican stores and even found at flea-markets unde the name REUMOFAN or REUMOFAN PLUS.

aguila76 4 Nov 2014

That said, I would never combine the two with Dexamethasone. That's a bit more serious and unnecessary for me, even if properly prescribed.

Torryana 2 Dec 2019

Thank you

Marvell 7 July 2014

Yes, you can take Robaxin and diclofenac together. there are no known interactions with these medicines.,1588-964

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