I began taking it a year and a half ago. Realized today i forgot to take the pill for a week and a half. Upon looking at side effects realized that alot of my symptoms of i've had since November last year could be attributed to the drug. Stiff and Rigid Muscles, confusion, Very Overactive reflexes, Severe Tremors, unsteady, headaches, trouble concentrating, memory issues and Extreme Weakness. The Hand doc, reg doc and Neurologist took 4 MRI's and a multitude of nerve and blood tests and came back with no real answers besides a deficiency in B12 and D3... which didn't even explain all the symptoms. Needless to say i realize today that It could very well be a reaction to the drug and i need to stop taking it anyway. My question... Are any of the side effects long lasting? Will i get my strength back? Since i've already missed a week and a half am i almost through the worst of it? Thank you for your help.