Hi, have been reading many of your accounts and am trying to figure out if I need to go to ER or continue to wait it out.

I have a history of abdominal pain, have been scoped every couple of years going back a decade or so, doc never finds anything wrong and says its constipation. I also have a history of back pain due to herniated disc, had diskectomy years ago and injections every now and then since.

About a month ago the usual spot in my lower back started up so I scheduled another injection. As the weeks have gone by the pain has transitioned from being mainly in my lower back to mainly abdominal. Going to the bathroom has become very painful and difficult, and my stool has been becoming thinner/fewer each day, and I feel painfully full all the time. I started Miralax 3 nights ago but with the increased pain I wonder if it is just making things worse.

I've been seriously considering a trip to the ER today as the pain has become much worse (entire abdomen sore and sharp jabbing pain in lower back, right above pelvis).

It feels what I imagine a partial obstruction might feel like but as I've never been diagnosed with one I'm not sure.

Thank you for any help or advise.