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Can you get insomia when taking Doxycycline? I can not sleep at all at night since I am taking this?

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colorblind2u 23 March 2022

I'm taking 100 MG tab of Doxycycline 1 twice a day for 7 days with 100 MG tab of Benzonatate 1 capsule 3 times daily as needed for cough. All this was for a Sinus Infection diagnosis and I can not SLEEP. I finally stopped coughing and my voice is getting better but I CAN'T SLEEP. I looked up side effects but nothing. Can anyone HELP ME???

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LutinAzur 10 Aug 2017

I have been on this medication for 4 months to treat keratosis pilaris and indeed, I myself have been experiencing insomnia to varying degrees even though I also take another medication which disturbs my sleep cycle but to a much lesser extent.

Doing a basic Internet search for doxycycline and insomnia results in many hits with patients observing the same side effect as the OP and myself have mentioned. Furthermore, even if the research indicates a very low incidence of insomnia as a side effect, that doesn't mean that ulterior consumer experience will not be higher for any given side effect since consumers of SSRI antidepressants eventually had much greater "reported sexual disfunction" than the initial clinical trials would have predicted also.

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Delila 21 May 2013

Hi, i just wanted to concur with Amalnath, insomnia is not listed as a side effect of this medication. If you have started taking this recently (last 2 or 3 days), give it a bit longer. Have you changed you bedtime routine at all? Are you taking any other medications that the Doxycycline could be interacting with? If no, then do as already advised, & contact you doctor

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amalnath 20 May 2013

Insomnia is not a common adverse effect of Doxycycline. Better Consult your GP if the insomnia worsens.

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