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Can you drink alcohol while taking propranolol for anxiety?


Alphabravo33 22 June 2021

Wildcat had the answer. Mine is based on personal experience. When I would drink when taking propranolol, I would get really (and I mean really) tired and fatigued. I’m on a low dose as well. I would say the likelihood of interaction between alcohol and propranolol increases with the dose of propranolol. Both alcohol and propranolol are CNS depressants, and combining them increases the effects of both. To me, combining alcohol and propranolol lead to severe drowsiness. We are all different, but I would urge caution. I hope this helps, good luck to you!

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WildcatVet 22 June 2021

There is a moderate chance of an interaction. This is the report from the Interaction Checker:,1034-14582

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