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Can you drink alcohol while taking Eliquis?

9 Answers

Richcolorado 2 Jan 2019

So I too went on eliquis. As such I gave up about two glasses of red wine a day. Within a month I got gout due to increased Uric acid levels. While this is anecdotal, giving up wine (and drinking more soda) probably increased my Uric acid level. So here is my advice. While eliquis is an amazing drug you have to be careful about significant dietary changes when taking new medication. Finding a health professional that can look at the whole picture is probably valuable here.

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Mavis adnum 22 Dec 2018

Can you drink beer why you are taking Eliquis

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Willywonka1985 17 Nov 2018

Can a person drink alcohol while being on Eliquis..

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Mavis adnum 22 Dec 2018

Can i drink beer why I'm on Eliquis

Nique9244 5 Jan 2018

Can you drink Vodka on this medication

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Michael Rogers 23 Sep 2017

You may drink two drinks a day. I wouldn't do it everyday personally.

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Westcoaster53 19 Aug 2017

I am 6 months post heart attack with a subsequent blood clot and have been on Eliquis for 6 months. I drink a glass of wine or a beer about 5 times a week. No distilled spirits. I have had no problems or side effects. Could I have more? Probably, but I may go off the drug soon and start a daily aspirin. Then I would have a bit more and even the hard stuff again. Live your life but moderation is good too!

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dallend63 27 June 2017

OTC pain relievers while taking Eliquis are pretty much limited to acetaminophen (Tylenol). Tylenol and alcohol DO NOT mix. I've read that it may take a week for alcohol or tylenol to be completely metabolized by the liver, so think about giving up one or the other. Be aware that acetaminophen is in many OTC products.

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Oldrodder 24 May 2017

I want know if I can drink 4to 5 beers

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sylviesays 31 July 2013

Since I just started Eliquis myself I talked to 2 different pharmacies and asked the same question. I have a glass of wine nightly prior to dinner. I was told it was not wise to drink daily as it may increase side effects. However, drinking on occasion should be fine. I still enjoy my glass of wine but limit how often. I have found taking Eliquis with a large glass of water or taking with food helps to minimize stomach upsets. Take care.

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