soo i got my period on about the 28th of February & it lasted up until the 7th of march..on the last day of my period , i had sex .. ( Thursday, the 7th )
& on Friday the 8th i had some what thick whitish , clear discharge & on the morning of saturday i was literally leaking some watery light yellow fluid when i got up from bed was leaking down my leg , now it is saturday night & i got home from work & found my panties drenched in this very yellow almost lime green fluid , its not thick its watery ... i dont have any itching or burning.. i do however have cramps , which i find very strange b/c i JUST ENDED my period 2 days ago ... also along with the cramps i have lower back pain & i feel a slight fever coming on, i also have been feeling nauseated but no throw up ... it seems as though the more time goes on the darker this discharge gets or brighter i guess you can say ..(clear-white, light yellow & then greenish yellow ) .. also i have a boyfriend & he has no symptoms like me whats so ever ..none at all. & we have been having sex since the 5th of i dont think this could be an std b/c if it was i would have had symptoms much sooner like a few weeks after we started having sex..right? .. anyways ive been searching the web all over & i havent heard of anything like what i have .. can anyone help me , tell me what they think it is ?

- note : some one suggested HPV , but i was vaccinated less than 3 years ago
- & iam going to a place where i can get tested for any possible std this upcoming tuesday when i have off from work so its not like im taking this as a joke , iam simply asking what do you believe it is .it is saturday night & all clinics will not open until monday please help ..thank you