I understand how dangerous it is to mix Xanax and alcohol, so of course I would never even attempt it. I have been on 1 mg. Xanax for 2 years now to help with sleep. I only take it at night, same dose every night before bed. I haven't touched alcohol this entire time since my doc put me on the Xanax. But now that summer's almost here, there will be some great parties where there will be drinking... these parties even go all night at times.

If I were to skip my dose of Xanax for that one night and drink alcohol instead, would I face any withdrawal problems the next day? It's the only reason I'm scared to try it. Again, I would SKIP my dose of Xanax that night, and drink alcohol instead. I only drink beer, but when I do, I can easily drink a 6-pack, although it takes me 5-6 hours to do it. Then I normally eat and go to bed. Since I haven't had a drink in 2 years while I've been on my medication, I have this fear that something will go wrong the next day... possibly panic attack, early withdrawal symptoms, poss. maybe even seizures (?) I used to drink all the time before I was put on Xanax, so it wouldn't be my first experience with alcohol. Just haven't been drinking at all while on my meds. Thanks for any info or advice from someone who actually still goes out and parties while on Xanax (assuming you skip your dose for that night.) Thanks again