I've had a Xanax prescription for years for my panic disorder. I never took it regularly, just "as needed" for really bad panic attacks. However, for the past month and a half, probably, I have taken between .25mg and .75mg almost every day just to get me out the door to work. I have been having a really hard time with my panic disorder since about October and my psych nurse practioner switched me from Lexapro to Prozac in November but I've had a really hard time with it and I don't feel better. I've used the Xanax more to deal with the side effects and trying different levels of the Prozac. I'm now worried about becoming dependent on the Xanax and am concerned about withdrawals if I don't take it. During the weekends I try not to take it and next week I am off of work, so I am wondering if I am harming myself if I don't take it every day now? I see my nurse practioner next week and will bring these concerns to her, but I have done that before and she kind of poo-poo'd me and said I was worrying too much. My goal is to be off of xanax because I would like to try to have a baby but I feel like I'm in a crappy spot right now.