Hello I have been on 135 mg of Methadone a day at a clinic for over 3 1/2 yrs now and I recently lost my job and dont have the money to pay for the clinic right now and they are starting me on MSW (medically supervised withdrawal) or so they call it, starting tomorrow, they will start dropping my dose by %10 a day until I either catch up on the $200 I owe now or I get to 0, I am wondering if I should just let this happen and see what it does to me, I have wanted to get off of this garbage for a while now, but I am also scared of what it is going to put me through. Just wanted to know what you all thought??? Is it dangerous to go this route to get off of it, or do you think I will be ok?? that would be going from 135 MG to 0 in 10 days, kind of scary!!!