I was perscribed xanax for my anxiety, but when I would have an attack I would get this feeling of being in a dream, or almost like i'm stuck in a coma and i'm just dreaming life away. The feeling would pass and in a couple minutes it would be completely gone until the next attack, hours, days or even months later. Over the past year my anxiety has gotten completely out of control and this "dream-like" feeling is here to stay. It never goes away anymore. Its so exhausting and drepressing. I know i'm real, but sometimes I have to remind my brain that I am. Its hard to describe or understand unless you have dealt with it. So back to main question, will xanax help me, or just make these symptoms worse? I am so afraid to take it, when I have the pill sitting right infront of me, and I just can't bring myself to put it my mouth and take it. PLEASE HELP!