I was prescribed this cream to relieve the "tingling" "itching" on only my left foot due to little "bumps" which turn into Blisters. I was originally using Domeboro (Astringent) to soak my left foot (3 times a day for 30 Minutes each time) and added Truameel each night so that I could sleep. I was also precribed Three(3) Azithromycin 500mg tablets (Antibiotic for a bacterial infection) on the left foot. That process did not work, bumps, new blisters, and the itching returned. The MD/DO suggests that I have Hyperkeratotic Exzema and has instructed me to discontinue the soaking and to apply this cream twice a day to my left foot bottom. New blisters have arrived again ... so what is next. I have tried rubbing alcohol on the blisters to attempt to get them to dry up. It appears that once the blisters dry up the itching (tingling) reduces and disappears until new blisters appear. I would like to STOP the blisters ... but I do not know the cause.