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Will Trazodone work right away or do you have to take it for weeks before effects?

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gap1 7 March 2019

Good News! It works for Insomnia and Depression. I'm consistently sleeping much better and my attitude is "lighter". In the early 1990's, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). Both have a myriad of symptoms and "triggers".

Recently, I was prescribed trazodone 50mg/3-4 tablets at bedtime for insomnia; "Start with one tablet in the evening and increase over a couple of weeks, as needed, up to four tablets" . Additionally, we were hoping that it would act in conjunction with the Venlafaxine ER capsules [a seratonin/norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI)] prescribed for the MDD.


I took 1 tablet at bedtime for four days before increasing to 2 tablets for four days. Sleep was coming more readily for longer stretches. My daily outlook felt more hopeful. Again dosage was increased, 3 tablets at bedtime. WHOA!! At the 3 tablet level I felt drugged or drunk. After 2 days I dropped back to current 2 tablet level. That's what works for me.
As a sleep aide, trazodone helped the first day. It took about a week for trazodone to unquestionably affect my depression in a positive way. I'm happy my doctor prescribed this medication.

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Corvetteman 27 Sep 2017

I've been taking at least 2 years it takes a long time to kick in sometimes it does not kick in half of a pill 50 mg 99% it doesn't kick in at all I'm still awake I take a half a pill when I really need it I'm prescribed 20 pills it took me 20 pills to use for a whole year this is the second year I'm using it again it's not working on me at all maybe once can you advise me on anything on this pill or should I up at 100 mg I wouldn't ask my doctor yet or said anything to him what should I do

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Inactive 28 July 2011

I was given trazadone to help me sleep for my fibromyalgia. It was helpful right away at 50mg., but had to up it to 100mg after a while to get the same effect. Then after a while on that dose it became ineffective again. I believe as my friend Pledge states it may depend on what you are taking it for also. Everyone is different, & therefore may react differently to the amount of the dose, & what condition you are using it for...

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HPoole 28 July 2011

FOR SLEEP i am on 400mg of trazodone every night at bedtime. Trazodone should work immediately, but it has a 15min time frame after it kicks in. if you don't lay down within that time, it tends to have the opposite effect sometimes. Your dose must be too low. my dr. says the dose maxes out at 400. However if you don't find it effective, you may need to switch to a different group of meds--benzodiazepines--commonly reffered to as the benzos. These include xanax, ativan, Klonopin, etc... the benzos used for sleep are usually: restoril, librium, dalmane, valium, etc. I didn't find lunesta or ambien helpful at all. trazodone is usually the first choice of every doctor for insomnia because it has the least amount of side effects and kind of a generic for everyone and inexpensive. i'd suggest to your dr. the benzo group and see if they are willing to prescribe one of those. i take xanax and love how it works.


if you're being treated with it for DEPRESSION. it is highly ineffective, as there are many alternatives these days. i'd suggest one of the SNRI's for depression, mood, anxiety--effexor xr, effexor, cymbalta, wellbutrin, or pristiq

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smileyhappy 28 July 2011

Hi wscott,
I started trazodone in 2007. It only took a few days to work for sleep. It works as well now as when I started. Hope this helps!

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Inactive 28 July 2011

Hello wscott. Not certain if its being. prescribed for depression or insomnia. As far as working as an anti-depressant, it will take about four weeks. As far as sedation, usually within several days. Tradazone is almost always taken at bedtime, because it will make you sleepy. Its popular as far as being used for that purpose, to help you sleep. Usual dose to begin with is 50mg, then its upped accordingly. I was on it, as far as helping me to sleep, was tolerable, as far as helping me in my depression, it was a failure. best wishes to you.

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