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Will testosterone increase the size of a male penis?

7 Answers

catpowered 1 March 2022

Richard is not telling anyone the truth here. Good gravy.

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Kamal5530 12 May 2020


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Robert Scanlan 16 Sep 2018

In my personal case the answer to that question would be yes. I was on very low levels of testosterone treatment for in excess of 20years with no change in penis size. After a change in Doctors who were in charge of my treatment levels of testosterone, which increased by 9 X the previous levels. In less than 18mths, my penis went from an average of 9.5 - 11cm in length to an increased size of 19.5 - 21.5cm and I can assure you, that this did not happen until I was 59 years old; has made me extremely unhappy with certain members of the Medical Profession.

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Ajriipi 5 Nov 2018

Robert, what exactly was your treatment and prescription you were to follow?

Baran54 9 April 2020

Robert, how did you do this, which doctor would you give me information? or can you write an email to contact me? I would be glad if you help

andy5619 2 Sep 2018

yes and no. If you are still going through puberty, then yes exposure to testosterone (which usually correlates with the levels of DHT) can have a significant effect on the growth. But unfortunately, once you are past about 19 to 21 years old, you are pretty much stuck with what you have.

Hope this helps

- Andy

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anonymous256 18 Jan 2018

My personal experience is that testosterone replacement due to hypogonadism associated with aging "might" increase size. At age 55 I was diagnosed with low testosterone and began bi-weekly 1 cc injections. My wife was the one who actually noticed the increased girth.

I should note that I also changed my food intake to a modified Mediterranean diet and began an exercise regimen.

It is likely coincidental as I searched the literature and found no reliable study on this.

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lukester01 2 Jan 2014

I put 1% Androgel on my penis for 2 months just to test this theory. There was no increase in size. I didn't expect it to either since testosterone gel simply gets into blood stream from the skin. So where you put it on simply determines how much and how quickly it is absorbed.

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Studfinder 5 Jan 2012

In general, no. Testosterone will trigger the development of males to their genetically pre-determined "size" or potential. But to take testosterone solely to increase one's penis size is not correct.
However, in boys who have not yet developed, the administration of testosterone therapy to trigger their development will cause an increase in size... but only to what their normal potential size is.
Hope this has clarified for you. Speak with your doctor about your concerns.

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