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Will fioricet show up on a urine drug screen?

4 Answers

Infolady 1 Feb 2013

YES, YES, YES.Regular Fioracet WILL show up on a urine drug test. My friend was fired from his job for testing positive THREE days after taking 2 capsules one time without a prescription!

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Chucks_Angel 13 Jan 2012

Yes. I know first hand. I am prescribed Fioricet and have taken tests and I had to have my Dr fax my script to the screening place to verify. It's because of the butalbital. It will cause you to fail. Most doctors warn patients of this when prescribed to them. At least nine did. If its not your script, I wouldn't take them.

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DzooBaby 5 April 2011

New york Guy is partially right. Fioricet is acetaminophen (hence the cet at the end), caffiene and butalbital which is a mild barbiturate. They are used for tension and migraine headaches. Some do have codeine in them-it would be a fioricet with codeine or fioricet #3. They do not have percocet in them! If they screen for barbiturates it might show or if they are the kind with codeine they may show. If you have a script you shouldnt have to worry. Otherwise it will depend on what they are looking for in the screen.

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NewYorkGuy44 5 April 2011

.It is used to relieve tension headaches and ids prescribed for other ting, It Contains Acetaminophen, Butalbital, and Caffeine. I was told that some drugs like Fioricet have opiates in them, so if they do show up on a Drug test it would mean it does have some sort of an opiate, And I remember my aunt used to take them along with my Mother for her migraines, and I remember her telling me that Fioricet contained a little bit of Percocet, and Barbiturate's in it. And as far as I know, they don't check for barbiturates on a state drug test, they are really only looking for Cocaine, Heroin, PCP, MDMA, and Crystal Meth. I am not really sure about the Phenobarbital coming up in a regular state drug test, so you shouldn't have anything to worry about. So Good Luck and I Hope I was Helpful. New Yorkguy44, Hope I was Helpful.

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NewYorkGuy44 6 April 2011

Hey , I'm Sorry I was confusing the drug called Fiorinal, with Fiorocet. Usually Fiorinal has Codeine in it, not Percocet. And Same thing as Fiorocet, unless you were taking it without the Codeine.If that's the case the yeah, Codeine will ome uo in your drug test as an opiate/ But I have taken many State Drug tests, when I was on Probation, and like I said they only look for hard Drugs, like Dope, Coke, PCP, or Meth, or Pot. But you should be good as far as the Barbiturates go. Good Luck. NewYorkGuy44.

DzooBaby 6 April 2011

Fiorinal and Fioricet are basically the same thing except fiorinal has aspirin and fioricet has acetaminophen!

smilesandmore3 6 June 2013

I take fioricet for migraines and it never shows up on my drug screens at work. The version I take has the tylenol, caffeine and butalbitol. I've never heard of the version with codeine in it but if they do make one like that and thats the one you're currently taking, then yes it will absolutely show up on a drug screen. free discount card

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