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Why do u have to take effexor with food?

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HPoole 15 Nov 2011

I'm been on Effexor in the past but have now been on Effexor XR for a couple years. Truth be told: I NEVER take any of my meds with food--just water or juice usually. They just put that sentence in there in case you happen to be 1 out of like 10% that are very sensitive. You'll be fine either way. Stick with the Effexor though! It has done wonders for me. I am so much more functional and balanced on it!

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Elizmcmahon 23 June 2017

May I please ask, in what ways has the Effexor ER made you more functional and balanced? That's sounds wonderful, and I hope it does the same for me!

mollymuffinn 30 Aug 2017

I agree. Effexor is great. I did not have one side effect from it. I think they should put a small dose in the drinking water. That way everyone can calm down just a little bit.

Inactive 13 Nov 2011

I agree with papasam, he covered the bases :-0) In my case, when I was on effexor I just took it along with a glass of water. Truth be told, I've always over the years, taken my medications with a glass of water. Never added any food to take along with it. Having said that I hope that you finf effexor to be a helpfull medication for you. Have yourself a great Sunday,

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papasam 13 Nov 2011

The reason for this is to minimize stomach upset. Not sure which one you are on, whether regular or XR (extended release) if extended release do not chew the tablet or break it in half. This causes the coating on the tablet to be opended up which allows the dose to be absorbed by your body quickly, can cause what is known as over dose. Sorry I did add a little more info that you requested. Best to you

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