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I have a white round pill that is blank on both sides. Please help!?

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HeadStarter 30 June 2012

Remember, too, that if you cannot identify it by looking at all the medication bottles you have on hand... never take what you cannot identify. Get rid of it; just because you have it doesn't mean you have to take it. There is too much missing information to really say much else... how big of a white, round pill??? For instance, supplements in pill form from the company Boiron are tiny, white and round. They are sub-lingual (under the tongue). None of them are marked and that is how they all come. If 4 different supplements came out of 4 different tubes... they would all look a like. Just saying...

I also have sugar-free Stevia instant tabs that dissolve in hot liquid. They are small white and round. No markings...


If there is a concern you have about any one in your family and illicit drugs... that is a different matter but still not one that we can identify for you. If it is found out of a bottle and you cannot even know how "old" that pill is... get rid of it... flush it down the toilet. And best to watch the behavior of those around you, if that is your concern... I have found more garbage at the bottom of my bag from bottles that have opened up than I care to remember. Some as simple as aspirin down to my pain medication. But the smart thing is to just get rid of it.


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Inactive 30 June 2012

If you are in the US, all rx meds by law, have to have some type of number. Letter, or marking. If it is blank, it is either a supplement, a vitamin, an illegal drug, or a foreign pill. Even over the counter meds have markings. The only way to tell what is in an unmarked pill, is to have it analyzed by a lab, likely even the pharmacist will not be able to tell you what it is if it has NO markings. Patti

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PhylomenaD 30 June 2012

Call your pharmacist.

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