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Which doze is higher 5/325 or 7.5/325 of percocets?

3 Answers

tyjen 1 Dec 2017

Thank-you guys! Your information was excellent!

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bettybiach12 5 June 2011

7.5/325 is stronger, that is 7.5 mg of oxycodine and 325 mg tylenol. the other is only 5mg oxycodine to 325mg of tylenol

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MichellePerez1027 5 June 2011

the 7.5 is stronger. The first number (5/ 7.5) is the opiate n the following number(325) represents the amount of aceteminophen

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BRRMARS 6 June 2011

Michelle is 100% correct, first number is the potent number the drug that you want, that is what's going to take care of your pain. free discount card

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