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What side effects should I expect when going off Prozac?

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Inactive 29 Jul 2011

Hi lauram563,
I recently discontinued Prozac (for Fibromyalgia pain) and I had no ill effects atall.
How long have you been taking it? I do believe that will make a bit of a difference. Some people do notice effects when discontinuing any antidepressant, but you may have none.
Best wishes to you,

lauram563 29 Jul 2011

I was on Prozac for approx. 3 years and recentely weaned off and moved to Celexa. In the same amount of time I've become very bloated and swollen. While it may be something else entirely, I wanted to determine if there was any way it could be related. I haven't seen that Celexa would cause these side effects in any research so far. Thanks for the comments!

Inactive 29 Jul 2011

Hi again Lauram,
Did you look up Celexa right here, on Or did you read about it elsewhere? Oh, I was thinking of Cymbalta, that made my feet and piggies swollen... my bad. You might want to call your pharmacist about this, in this gurl's opinion they know more than most docs do!!

Inactive 29 Jul 2011

Hi lauram563. I have to agree with sweet lemon. The key is how long you have been on it and how much you were taking. I was on zoloft, the sister drug to prozac. Prozac has a very long half life, meaning that it takes a very long period of time to break down in your body and so as a result for it to leave your system. It can often still be discovered in your system weeks after you've stopped taking it. Having said that, because it stays in your body for such a long time, the chances of any withdrawal, side effects are slim to begin with. Zoloft, on the other hand has a short half life, it leaves your system much faster than prozac, hence more chances of feelings of discomfort, side-effects. Hope that this might have been helpfull, the best to you.

Inactive 29 Jul 2011

Hi pledge!
Where is brunch my friend? I want to try a grit !!!

Inactive 29 Jul 2011

Hi there sweet lemon. Ha! Tad late. Was mowing the pasture. Did me in.Hot out there. Well, :-0) A grit. Grits are served much the same as porridge might be. But I prefer my grits on a plate, along with say eggs, toast, homefries (potatoe cut or sliced up, fryed on a skillet, with a touch of onion to add flavour). You can buy grits today much as you can say oatmeal. Add water etc. Put it in the microwave, nuke it and there you are. But thats instant. Add a dash of salt to taste. Grits are grits. Once you taste it, you give it a thumbs up or never look at it again. Boiled peanuts. I love em. Same thing, its a southern dish, either you go nuts over them, or on the other hand, never want to taste them ever again. So, there you go ha! oh heres a refill for your cup, just made a new pot of my infamous java joe.

Inactive 29 Jul 2011

Oh pledge, you do make me laugh!! OK, I shall try a grit, but only one tiny taste for moi !!

HPoole 29 Jul 2011

in the past i have switched from prozac to celexa and experienced the bloating, water retention, and even weight gain. lexapro and celexa are basically the same meds, so i wouldn't try the lexapro if you switch. i would talk to your doctor about these symptoms, even if they say it shouldn't be causing those symptoms, many people can have completely different and new side effects of medications other than those listed. I reccommend switching to zoloft in the SSRI family or try another group called SNRI's and try pristiq. free discount card

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