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What is the new drug used for chronic nerve pain stronger than Lyrica with less side effects?

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arcanoidcyst16 27 Aug 2010

Great advice RSD!!! :)

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RSDHurtzme 27 Aug 2010

My Aunt has Fibro and was switched to Savella also and it greatly improved her pain. Unfortunately her Medicare Part D refused to pay for it as it has no generic but later on in her doctor's office I saw that they are to use a special code for the insurance companies to get it approved.
On Lyrica she had weight gain in the 1st month, swelling of her legs and feet, and generally didn't feel well. For her she had no side effects like the 1st answer but we are all different when it comes to taking medications.
My Aunt felt that this medication helped her more than a stronger opiate she was on at the time which was Kadien; a morphine type of drug.
Just make sure your insurance will pay for it as it is expensive if they do not cover it.

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Sacosam 28 Aug 2010

Hi All; both "Bottom Line Books" and "Worst Pills, Best Pills News" are beginning to sound off on "BIG-PHARMA'S latest scam for your almighty dollar. It gets a bit complicated, but basically what Big - pharma is doing (With Full F.D.A. Approval) is taking older, well proven drugs that still sell for a price that you and I can afford , fooling around with them a touch , and then selling them labelled as "New Drugs" under "New Names at up to 10 times the cost of the Same but older drug... and they are the same old drug , and they do the same thing.


I had, and still have somewhere, a list of appx. 20 of those drugs, and I planned to post them for you folks... and still do , If I can find them. Problem: looking for "anything" in my house, is like searching "The Lost Forest" for a "mouse with Red Hair" on it's u-u-mmmm! "on it's head"... yupper, on it's head "! Yup! But i'll find 'it [the list that is] and when I do I promise i'll post it
for y'all to check out. I think what you'll find is that it's one of them things that make you wanna go... "G-R-R-R-R"! and snarl, even? Sacosam I AM!

tglidewell 8 Sep 2010

Sacosam, that does really tick me off! But I'm not surprised. You, on the other hand, crack me up sometimes! Thanks for that!

tglidewell 26 Aug 2010

Do you mean Savella? I'm on 100mg of it a day for my fibro and I love it! It made me nausous at first and at each dosage increase and it made me a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for a week or two, but after that it really helped with the pain and the fatigue. It is also "weight neutral" so you shouldn't gain or lose on it, which is better than gaining at least. If you can stick it out through the initial side effects that may last a few weeks it is totally worth it! Good luck!

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LeseB 8 Sep 2010

No, the drug is currently in clinical trials, not on the market yet. free discount card

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