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What is the difference in Adderall (amphetamine with salts and the regular Adderall (amphetamine?


Danni926 4 Dec 2011

hi barbie... i'm a bit confused by your question... adderall, whether it is the IR or XR version, is always the same active ingredients... adderall is a 4 salt combo, all 4 parts being equal, 1) amphetamine aspartate 2) amphetamine sulfate 3) dextroamphetamine aspartate and 4) dextroamphetamine sulfate.

maybe u meant to ask what is the difference between adderall and dexedrine? they actually do not make the brand name dexedrine anymore, but they still make generic dextroamphetamine... dextroamphetamine is just that, dextroamphetamine, and does not have the other 3 salts that adderall has.

hope this helps. unless u meant what is the difference between adderall IR and XR? IR is immediate release short-acting (a couple hours to 4 hours or so), and the XR is controlled release. there are tiny beads inside the capsule, and some of the little beads are coated so the stomach slowly breaks down part of the medicine later in the day.

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