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What is the difference between 1 MG APRALOZAM and 5 MG Diazapam?


zaborav 28 Aug 2011

1mg alprazolam would be equivalent in strength to FOUR 5mg diazepam tablets. You would feel less sedated, less torpid with the 1mg aprazolam than 20mg diazepam, and retain more of your intellectual functions, whilst still experiencing the 'feel good' factor, but without the side effects of the diazepam such as that over-sedation and loss of intellectual function. Pfizer/Upjohn's original brands, Xanax, Xanor & Tafil are high quality, as are Galenika Ksalol and Gador Alplax. Alprazolam would always be my choice over diazepam because of the control of GAD and panic attack with less unwanted effect on your normal functions of mind and body. But yes, 1mg aprazolam is considered to be equivalent to 20mg diazepam.
I would avoid Asian alprazolam which is often weak and less effective. In particular, a brand from Pakistan has been available recently, and I must say it is the worst alprazolam I ever had. The 2mg tablet had the effect of 500mcg Xanax, no more
Stick to the tried and trusted brands, you'll find alprazolam a more effective anxiolytic than diazepam, without unwanted side effects or over-sedarion, possible ataxia and a loss of intellectual speed.

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amadeous 31 July 2011

Alprazolam is a very potent but is a short-acting Benzodiazepine mostly Psyciatrists & Psycologists like to prescribe along with Anti-depressants for Panic & Anxiety Disorders, Worrying, Social Phobia, & Anxiety associated with Depression. Alprazolam 1mg is more potent than a Valium 5mg or a 10mg TAB. Probably would equal to 30mg of Valium. But Valium is a strong longer-acting Benzodiazepine but a 5mg-10mg TAB will last longer up to 100 hours but is not as potent as Alprazolam 1mg that lasts 12 hours, but alot of people prefer to abuse Alprazolam due to it's potency & availability. Valiums are sort of old school but I prefer them due to it's longer lasting effects, has a wider variety of uses, & it's a safer essential drug but alot of people do tend to want to overuse because they're just trying to get the high they got the 1st time taking the drug but after long term use it doesn't work that way when taken alone. People just end up like sleepwalking grumpy & mean zombies, & they look so silly cause they are like dreaming while half awake! So I found it is much better to use most Benzodiazepines only as needed for most treatments. It's no use taking a drug that won't work for you.

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