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What is a lethal dose of Codeine?


Ada Magnussen 15 Aug 2019

Oh please.
Barney has declining heath and asks you not to be sad.
Here is your answer: Lethal dose is 100 mg/ 1 gram and up, depending if tolerance is built.
Extraction methods recommended and easy to find, so as to not ingest to much paracetamol and suffer major liver damage if attemt fails.
Peace to you, all will be well.

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Inactive 19 April 2012

Hello Barney121. It saddens me when I come across a question such as yours. Best take the drug as perscribed and then there would be no need to worry about a possible overdose. Be well, regards pledge

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Barney121 19 April 2012

Thank you Pledge
Be not sad for I am not mad.

Simply reflecting and reconciling, in the event of an acutely incapacitating, all too slow terminal condition. Whilst I retain the ability.
Regards. Barney.

Inactive 19 April 2012

I understand Barney. You take care best you know how. Have a good evening then and hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

Wendyp69 8 Aug 2018

Hey Barney 123,
This is many years since this was posted but I came across it and it struck my heart. I hope you are still with us to know that I feel for you, and hope to god you’re alive and pain free. Also to say sometimes we have to do whatever gets us through the pain - however other people may judge it. All the love and positive vibes towards you if you ever get to see this. If not my love and thoughts go out to those who loved and still love you. ❤️ free discount card

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